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Welcome to our website. What you see here is the future!

But the near future!



 We have invented a vehicle

with a pool in it, and you can bathe while on the move.

What we have in mind is sightseeing, 



               so if you fancy sightseeing on a bus and meanwhile enjoy a hydromassage, you are welcome to our mobile pool.


You can combine it with a visit to the most beautiful medicinal bath of Budapest, and you will not even have to change clothes, you can get on our bus straight away for a ride of a lifetime. We are ready to pick you up outside the hotel you are staying in if you so choose.


If some of your family members or your friends should not feel like a bath, just bring them along, because we can offer them seats with a panorama to see the sights in your company. While you enjoy the wellness side of the ride, they can take in the sights on the top deck.


If you come with a party of 20-25 members, you can ask for an itinerary of your own choosing. It's up to you what route you want to follow.


On top of all this, we can organise even a wedding or any other event for you on our specially converted bus. You can have your favourite stars performing on the small stage. And you watch all this sitting in the pool at the most beautiful place of the city.



We wish you a good time




Sightseeing tour by bus in a Jakuzzi!



You may just enjoy the bubble bath and relax while seeing the sights of Budapest, or the more adventurous of you can experience an extreme wave-lift feeling during the sightseeing.


Just think about it: while people are sweltering walking on the hot asphalt, you relax in the cool water. In winter, splashing around in the hot water, with a big smile on your face you ponder on how many ways there are to look at the world.


Wave-lift. You surely have never felt anything like that! Why not give it a go? Moving pool for the courageous. Would you like such a ride? It's up to you! Indescribable experience, only for adrenalin hunters!


Enjoy life!



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